Is there another lockdown coming?

Seems to be a bit of chatter around the possibility of another lockdown? Do we think its coming? Should we expect one to come? Would the Gov be doing the right thing or the wrong thing? Would Rishi have to support businesses if they had to close again? Reintroduce Furlough if he did?

Personally I hope there isn’t another lockdown, I am very much looking forward to a life where masks, restrictions are no longer a thing and I am free to travel wherever without having to have swabs stuck down my throat.

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Would be terrible for local businesses. especially places that require christmas to be a thing.

I agree, with Brits estimated to spend £25.6 million over the Christmas period, it would be horrific to local and small businesses which often rely on the takings from christmas to support their business through the start of the next year when its often a bit quieter. - £25.6 million is still 5% less than what we spent in 2019.

Thats a lot of money thats put into the economy over one 4 week period!


There would be riots . Whats the point of being vaccinated if you cant go out?

I think you have your figures wrong 25 million that 33p for each person !