Massive smash in Morrisons Southport Car Park. Signs demolished and tree damaged. - Southport News

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My car was involved in this incident, it was the orange VW polo which was parked in a disabled bay. Whoever put the report on this sight should have found out the facts before making it public instead of making presumptions, as the information was incorrect.
There were witnesses to the incident who actually saw what happened. The way in which it was reported it implies that my vehicle was responsible, whereas myself and passenger were instore doing our weekly shop.
I hasten to add, that the manager, staff and security at Morrisons were amazing at taking control of the situation, assisting the injured gentleman and collecting witness details, taking photographs of the scene for insurance purposes , contacting the emergency services and looking after both parties with genuine care and concern.
I cannot thank them enough.
You can put that out on your website!