RSPCA release distressing video of neglected ponies in Tarleton near Southport - Southport News

Ormskirk Police just wanted to update you on a distressing case they have supported the RSPCA on. 

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Can you imagine the fear, the terror, that an elderly and infirm couple in their 70s feel when confronted with RSPCA visit after RSPCA visit?

That terror is compounded by the fact that they will know only too well that they were too ill to cope and were, like so many other people, too scared to ask anyone for help

Compounded by the fact that they knew, that the RSPCA would go for wall to wall publicity designed to raise funds and disgrace and embarrass the poor people concerned.

Even worse is the fact that the RSPCA used a public footpath to view the property when they regularly tell people that they will be arrested if they attempt to see their own animals from any public place.

Yes, the ponies feet were long, but certainly not the worst that The SHG has ever seen. Perhaps the RSPCA people involved were not very experienced in horse cases?

Yes, the ponies had not been cleaned out or groomed, but their bodily condition was excellent. They had clearly been fed and watered.

All of the photos show the ponies as being alert and interested in what is going on around them and yet all but one were killed.