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Recent proposals by Southport’s Conservative MP ,Damien Moore, and West Lancs Labour MP, Rosie Cooper, to bring Southport under Lancashire Council have prompted concerns about pensioners' free travel.Cllr.John Pugh has called for clarity on the issue as the proposal appears to spell the end to free Merseyrail access for ALL Southport pensioners and bus passes for the 60-65s.(1)

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Surely West Lancs has a travel concession/travel pass for the elderly. And by the way, 60 is NOT elderly! I changed careers at 60 so 60 is NOT elderly. Passes should be made available to 70+ only and that would make more sense.

I am 65 next month and have had the Mersey travel pass since I was 60 as my Daughter lives in Chester its been a godsend. Free travel means people can go out and spend money with local businesses across the region rather than being stuck at home

I am 76 and greatly value the Mersey-rail concessionary travel pass as does my wife. Sefton walking groups meet at one of the stations on the route. It would discourage such activity if Southport were to be moved into Lancashire without this concession. We appreciate being in the Sefton Council area and support the Lib Dem option if there were to be any change in boundaries.