Southport journalist Martin Hovden writes "Time to stand up to woke brigade bullies" - Southport News

Southport journalist Martin Hovden writes: 

Forty years ago I remember sitting in a Merseyside council chamber as the local elected representatives debated a really important issue.

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Absolutely spot on the world is full of idiots it’s time for common sense to fight back!!

“Woke” simply means “being aware of prejudice and what might lay behind it”. In other words - to be “Woke” is simply to be switched on. I agree with Martin with regards to situations such as the alleged removal of “Brown Sugar” (a top tune) from the Stones catalogue. Given that Martin is a major music buff and a man that has done more than most to promote music and especially young aspiring musicians within this town; the fact that he illustrates the beginning of the point he made with the above story is no surprise to me.

I would also agree that people should be free to express their views; whether or not others might agree and even if expressing said view might cause someone offence. It is hardly a physical assault after all. My advice - get over yourselves!!

With that said, I do worry about the whole “war on woke” theme - portrayed as it appears to be as some sort of common sense crusade against those controlling progressives who; if the common sense warriors are to be taken at their word, wish to suppress freedom of speech and force everyone to cross dress and turn vegan.

“War on Woke” is a catchy theme coined within the media on the political right. It is increasingly becoming mainstream and a go to phrase of choice for many Conservative politicians “at the stump” attempting to portray themselves as defenders of your freedom to say what you think.

BUT - consider this, is it ok to deny that those who arrived in this country with the so called Windrush generation were not often routinely subject to prejudice (No Blacks, Irish or dogs) signs on many boarding houses of the time? Take that thought a little further, should we also deny that travellers and Gypsies have not ever suffered at the hands of hostile communities and that such prejudice is not still very much alive? (To such an extent that actual legal sites where they can park up have virtually disappeared?)

I strongly believe that we should all be willing to listen to each other, to share our views and to be able to debate. Social media has made it possible to “pile on”, to ban and harass those who might express views that are outside of what some within the great sea of people out there consider acceptable. Personally I much prefer to have what I might consider to be ■■■■■■■■ out there (so I can take a good sniff) and disagree, challenge and debate.