Southport MP Damien Moore visits the RSPCA shelter in New Cut Lane - Southport News

It was wonderful to visit Southport’s RSPCA branch and meet not only their brilliant team, but some of the lovely animals in their care too. The team do such wonderful work to improve animal welfare in our town, and I really want to thank them for all that they do. 

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The SHG is concerned that Damien Moore MP does not appear to be aware of the serious issues surrounding the RSPCA and its campaigns and prosecutions.

The SHG (The Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others experiencing difficulties with the RSPCA)** was set up in 1990. We provide support and legal advice to people who are being investigated or prosecuted for Animal Welfare related offences. We run a help line and hear from people throughout the country and are often contacted by people from other countries who face similar problems.

It is our experience that none of the safeguards that are in place actually do anything to protect vulnerable people from campaigning groups who bring such prosecutions in order to further their agendas.

There have been suicides, people who have nervous breakdowns and other stress induced illnesses, who never work again and family breakups. This can not be good for either the NHS or the country as a whole.

You will find our submission to the Justice Committee consultation at