Southport's elderly voters could be denied the chance to vote in future elections - Southport News

In the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government formally announced their plans to introduce mandatory Voter ID at the next election.   

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West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper, say “Voting is safe and secure in Britain”.
No! it is not.
If she just takes a look at the system which I highlight in simple terms below one can see a flawed process:

  1. A resident registers to vote with the local authority who authorise them to vote if they wish.
  2. A voting card is sent to the registered resident advising when and where to vote.
  3. The resident goes along to the polling station and casts their vote.
    There may be other errors but it is in number 3 where there is an obvious flaw because no ID is required at the polling station. You are asked for your address; they check your name and allow to then vote. You don’t even have to take along your voting card.
    If I had the mind set to abuse the system I could. In a large catchment area, I may be John from number 74 or Michael from number 72. No one would know. I could deliberately stop another resident from voting by using their name as their name would have been crossed off as listed of already voted. I could return later in the day and vote for myself or use a postal vote. In polling stations, as far as I know there is no CCTV to backward confirm who visited.
    Ms Cooper says that the elderly, low income and Black, Asian and ethnic minority voters may not be able to vote as they don’t have picture ID. If the government is to provide Free ID cards to all what is the issue?
    Also why are we so scared of having picture ID cards? We have passports, driving licenses, rail cards etc. so why not a simple ID card?