Stop the 5g rollout in sefton

Why is nobody concerned about the proposed rollout of 5G across Southport/ This is highly dangerous and causes cancer. In particular, the antennas which they intend to attach to bus stops and roadside lamps, give off emissions which cause eye cancer, and burn the retina of the eye.What is preferable, good health or faster broadband? I would urge everyone to sign the ePetition ,“stop the 5G rollout in Sefton”,on Sefton Council’s website.It only needs another 250 signatures to stop this.If you care about your health and your family’s health, please sign this. Thankyou.

Have you any evidence of your claims? you will be the first to moan when your phone stops working !

All the evidence is on the Sefton Council website. Look up “proposed 5G rollout”
I don’t have a mobile, or a smart phone, just a landline. I am not a hypocrite.

“What is preferable, good health or faster broadband?”

Faster Broadband

Why will it give you eye cancer? Eye cancers are called ocular cancers. Ocular is the medical name for the eye. Eye cancer is very rare. Around 851 cases are diagnosed in the UK each year.

I’m just going by the report. 5G emissions burn the retina and cause blindness.

You are a sicko if you would rather risk your life, in order to be able to download a film in 5 seconds rather than a few minutes.

Pretty annoying when your film buffers though you’ve got to admit

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Why does everybody hate me :frowning: