Travellers set up camp in Tulketh Street car park Southport - Southport News

A group of Travellers have set up camp in the Sefton Council owned car park in Tulketh Street in Southport.

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Typical not an enforcement office in sight, yet if you are 1second over your time, they are there to clamp a ticket on you.
I think since the Travellers are on sight and they leave all the rubbish behind, parking fees should be disbanded for the General Public, until the Travellers have been moved on.
Also Parking Barriers should be installed permanently, where they are high enough for the bigger cars to go under but low enough where the travellers caravans can’t to get through. Something has got to be done.
It’s so infuriating to come along to your carpark and find you cannot get a space because the travellers have taken up all the spaces and you can bet they haven’t paid for their cars and caravans, but we the general public do and not a parking attendant insight. IT’S A DISGRACE.